I was feeling listless, from the need of new things, something different. I was a student in a loss, so I sort of, on a whim, decided that I needed to turn into a tattoo artist. I started by looking into making a terrible rookie tattoo on my small person but decided to up the bar and take action I could actually be proud of. For that, I needed to purchase some "  tattoo supplies
. Since I make little or no money, just doing a bit of writing gigs every now and then, it was important i find "  ;tattoo guns for no more, which I did with the LA Shop. Thank heavens for that store. The " ;tattoo gun kit that I ordered has become awesome. I reached it delivered to my property and I reached working on covering up this terrible tattoo. As I believed about the design, I was getting frustrated, i had half a mind to just make a big black dot how big is a softball, but then I thought that if I regretted it that would be a real challenge to hide.

 Also filling in very much would probably be needlessly painful. Then I was thinking about doing something totally abstract. It’s seldom you see a few doodles and shapes on someone like a tattoo. I quickly realized that the reason you don’t note that is because doodling is designed to be done on scrap paper that you throw away, and not on your skin, forever and then for all time. So I thought that was a terrible idea. I still haven’t decided what I’m planning to do, but in the meantime I’ve been practicing my art to ensure when I are available up with a cool design, I’ll expect you'll be able to undertake it easily and well. That’s all thanks to my professional tattoo kits. And my mentor that has been instructing me all through the process.


April rains and the havoc coming with it may just spill into May and of course the cold of June and July are nothing close to what we are experiencing now. So instead of praying for the sun to come, get your warm gear out,its about to get pretty chilly.
 Here are a few ideas on how to keep the cold at bay till August finally surfaces and we can hit the beaches and pools :)

You can keep your glam on but carry a heavy shawl if you plan to stay out past 3pm we know it gets crazy after that.
 A pair of jeans,over-sized sweater and boots are perfect.READ :warm day
 While heading to work,carry a coat that will warm you up and you can remove while in the office.
 A grey trench works great with all colors,its important to have one

 Don't leave the men behind on this one,a warm coat in grey or black will work just right.
 Thou shall not abandon colour. Keep your coloured pants,floral scarves at hand.They add the needed zing in your outfit
Play around with the colours, teal,brown,beige...Pair it with flat boots, heeled boots.Which ever works best for you. I personally prefer flat leather boots because of running errands.

 An African top for the cold..Colour still
 Adding a simple coat to this outfit works wonders.
 The military coat is clearly the focus here,work different shades of it,different styles.

Of course the skirt is to die for...tweed works wonders during cold season.

Don't restrict yourself this season.Play around with colours,embrace new styles. Lets make this cold season fun :) What works with you this season?


 We've been watching out for the color trends making waves. Its seems pastels are pretty in,since 2012 now trincling in to 2013.

We have green which takes the lead.Wondering what shades are available? 


Browns are also making waves. The chat below sums up a few of the colors in brown or associated with brown.Tans also included
Auburn Beaver Beige Bistre Bole Bronze Brown Buff Burgundy Burnt sienna
Burnt umber Camel Chamoisee Chestnut Chocolate Citrine Coffee Copper Cordovan Desert sand
Earth yellow Ecru Fallow Fawn Field drab Fulvous Isabelline Khaki Lion Liver
Mahogany Maroon Ochre Raw umber Redwood Rufous Russet Rust Sand Sandy brown

seal brown Sepia Sienna Sinopia Tan Taupe Tawny Umber Wenge Wheat


    A while back, I used to wear my dad's sweater.A pretty knit it was, but it was big.Huge actually. Being a size 6 then, I used to swim in it. Now that i think about it, i was wearing trends long before blogging crossed my mind. Back to the story, Over-sized sweaters have been trendy since wearing a boyfriend sweater felt right on a cold rainy day :)

The over sized sweaters can either be sheer or thick depending on the weather.

Sheer over sized sweaters work for sunny days.Pair it with either s top or  bright coloured bra.

pair it with a skirt
For cold days, you want a sweater that is both warm and trendy. Am sure we can manage that.
Pair it with a pair of tights

or a pair of jeans

Nancy Mwai looking fab in an over sized sweater paired with a maxi dress

Courtesy :Images from Google


  I love trying out emerging trends, despite me trying them out after everyone has done messing it. But the one trend am not trying is the boyfriend jeans.
trendy?don't think so
     Why would anyone want to wear them? My thoughts on how it came to be? Some random celebrity went out with a skimpy dress, ended up at a boyfriend's and the next morning had to show up for something...they donned the boyfriend's jeans to save face...and hence the trend was born.#mytheory
told you.check out the shoes
    The joy of being a woman are the curves my cloths outline. that's why am not big on anything with 'boyfriend' in it. Maybe the shirts,pink and purples :) or whites too. Anything else..eeehhh not so much.


Color blocking isn't for the faint of heart; it also isn't necessarily for the short of stature.

  Blocking takes bold opposites on the color wheel i.e complementary colors and putting them together for the widest contrast possible.  The only other extreme color block combination is black/white. 

  Primary colors on the color wheel are red, blue and yellow; secondary colors are purple,green and orange . The optimal color block scheme would be to take a red, mix it with a green, and add a third color.

Ways to get the color blocking right :

1. Cheat your way to a great look.You'll look like a fashion genius without putting any thought into it if you simply buy a color-blocked dress.It gives you an edge and fashion millage.

 2.Pair separates. When it comes to color-blocking with separates, the easiest way is to pair a bright hue with a nude hue. Then you can graduate and can try to pair two bold colors.As seen below :

 3.Kick it up a notch. Once you've got your neutral and bold hues covered, it's time to add one more.Think of pairing a deep turquoise or cobalt top with a pastel, or bright pants with a rich jacket. For a bright purple shirt, we love a soft-hued cardigan.

 4.Becoming a pro. Once you've got your outfit in check, now try the same with accessories. If you've got a deep-hued top, skirt or dress, pair it with bright accessories and vice-verse. A bright yellow top looks great with cobalt blue bracelets, and a deep purple skirt pairs nicely with bright pink shoes.

 Opposites attract. There are a few things to remember when it comes to color-blocking with the right colors. Make sure you only have one neon color. While it's totally okay to rock three bold colors, only one of them should be super bright. We like this formula: one bright, one bold, one neutral.

 Also, remember that neutral doesn't have to mean nude. Use white, grey, brown and black to hold your outfit together. And an easy way to make sure you get the trend right, even without a neutral? Stick with different hues of the same color.

Here are some more colors that go great together:
1. Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Orange
2. Chocolate Brown, Pink, Peach
3. Purple, Bright Blue, Teal
4. Deep Blue, Bright Pink, White
5. Coral, Grey, Ivory

 Sources :
              :Google images


The 2012 Ghana Fashion & Design Week which took place from Friday 5th October to Sunday 7th October 2012 in Accra, Ghana, to showcase its new collection.
            And one of my favorite designers Mina Evans showcased her new collection. She's embraced peplum, satin and silk.The colors are well coordinated, and each piece has an IT factor..

My ultimate favourite

go go peplum

Pictures courtesy of :

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